Corporate Responsibility

IDM Industries Ltd has a very stringent corporate responsibility policy with an obligation to conduct its businesses professionally to best serve our customers and employees.

Ethical Standards

Operating by a list of ethical standards including having an up to date health, safety and environment policy, providing employee training on codes of conduct and operating with full transparency ensures the honesty of our work, safety for our employees and capability to provide exceptional services. IDM Industries Ltd is a member of the USA Mauritania Business Forum.

Heath, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy

IDM Industries Ltd is committed to safety and instilling a “safety culture” in all of its operations. Likewise we only work with companies who have rigorous safety systems in place. IDM Industries Ltd has a comprehensive Safety Management System which continues to be an extremely valuable pro-active risk management tool. IDM Industries Ltd’s commitment to personnel training, combined with our underlying commitment to safety, has resulted in an excellent safety record.

Capacity Building and Training

In line with the Government of Mauritania’s national policy to improve and develop the skills of the local population, IDM Industries Ltd is committed to include technology transfer and capacity building and employee training provided by the technology partners and projects that it engages in.