Our Services

We offer a wide range of consulting services in the oil, gas, mining, construction and power generation industries – all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or complete overhaul, we have you covered.

We are able to undertake projects from small to medium and with support from our partners we are able to undertake large EPIC contracts. We can supply internationally qualified personnel, many of whom have experience within Mauritania. Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.

  • Electrical Engineering – high and low voltage systems, power distribution, power generation, installation, testing, design, inspection, maintenance design, maintenance and commissioning. electrical equipment distribution.

  • Mechanical Engineering – installation, erection, fabrication, maintenance design, inspection and testing expertise on HFO power generation and provision of maintenance and spares.
  • Control and instrumentation – specialized digital and analogue controls, instrumentation. Network installation control, PLC, control, IT support, and all supporting functions and support.
  • Quality assurance – ISO 9001 certified accreditation preparation, quality control systems, quality assurance, document control systems, quality assurance, document control system and full inspection service.
  • Tank and storage – We can provide full design and construction of all storage tanks and vessels.
  • NDT testing and inspection services – We provide MPI, ultrasound, standards gamma radiography and using state of the art equipment, all personnel are fully qualified and licensed.
  • Welding – We have specialized teams of welders specializing in the fields providing highly specialized welding on various metals, we have 6G qualified personnel, we utilize standard ARC welding, ARGON are welding and TIG.

Health and Safety

We provide full safety training and certification preparation. We have highly experienced personnel to provide full permit to work systems, safety management, HAZOP studies, and environmental plans. All safety courses are tailored to meet individual company requirements.

Waste Management Services

Our extensive nationwide network means we are equipped to respond quickly to your needs in a emergency or for the planned disposal of hazardous liquids waste.

We handle all packaged hazardous waste streams safety and efficiency. Our experienced technical teams identify the waste stream type immediately upon arrival to ensure it is treated in the most environmentally compliant and safe manner.

Tank cleaning services:
We provide tank cleaning services in Mauritania for a number of clients from water tank cleaning to oil tank cleaning. IDM Ltd provides various tank cleaning services to commercial and industrial areas even if you want the tank of your marine vessels anchored offshore cleaned, you can avail of our tank cleaning services. As we are experts in tank cleaning offshore jobs and follow international API and BSI standards.

We currently serve:
Oil fields and petro-chemicals companies:
  • Tank cleaning
  • Carbon and clay. Filter and calayst replacement
  • Cleaning of corroded and clogged pipelines
  • Marine vessels-tank cleaning offshore jobs and onshore jobs
  • Tank cleaning ( Oil storage tanks bilge water tanks, ballast tanks)
  • Removal and disposal of sludge
  • Oil waste disposal
  • Spillage cleaning
Industrial units and workshops:
  • Cleaning oil separations
  • Cleaning liquid industrial waste holding tanks ( trade waste)
  • Support services for tank cleaning.
  • Foam pourer testing
  • Waste cement and other powder type material-removal and replacement
  • Low viscosity slurry, solid sludge and liquid sludge removal
  • Cleaning wash water recycling system filter elements for auto car washes
  • Replacing fasteners, gaskets and stud bolts
  • Neutralizing chemicals storage tanks
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste to landfill and treatment facilities are carried out in compliance with the local laws and regulations

Engineering and construction specialties

  • Storage tanks (Bacs de stockage)
  • Piping (Tuyaterie)
  • Structures Métalliques
  • Conveyors (Convyeurs)
  • Mining machines (Machines minières)
  • Mechanical erection (Montage mécanique)